6 Home-Brewed Macromolecule Wealthy Hair Masks

Our hair is mainly entrenched of macromolecule, which suffers a heap of harm because of environmental pollution and daily styling. The best way during which you'll fill again the lost wetness and convey shine back to your hair is by mistreatment macromolecule wealthy hair masks on an everyday basis. The protein in these masks can swish out the hair cuticles and build them stronger and healthier. Here are half-dozen nice home-brewed macromolecule wealthy masks for restoring the shine and health of your hair.

Here Are The half-dozen home-brewed macromolecule wealthy Hair Masks:

1. Gelatin and Egg White Reconstructing Hair Pack

To prepare this moisturizing hair mask, mix along egg white from one giant egg, 2 tablespoons of gelatin powder, two tablespoons of raw honey and mix with 2 tablespoons of your regular hair conditioner. First you would like to dissolve the gelatin in [*fr1] a cup of plight. Then mix in the remainder of the ingredients and whisk everything along well. Now use a wide toothed comb and apply the gain damp hair and let it work for a minimum of twenty minutes. Rinse off with a gentle shampoo and follow together with your conditioner.
2. Avocado And Mayonnaise Hair Mask

Mash a ripe avocado well and then mix in mayo and mix along until the mixture includes a creamy consistency. Apply this mask on the roots as well because the end of the hair strands. Use a wide-toothed comb to make certain the mixture spreads equally everywhere the hair. This mask works as a wonderful conditioner and build the hair swish and soft.

3. Yogurt And Egg and Hair Pack

Since egg is rich in macromolecule and food contains drinkable acid and milk fat in well endowed quantity, this hair masks works wonders for dry and brittle hair. Mix two eggs with equal quantities to prepare this wonderful macromolecule wealthy hair pack. In case you have got dandruff, mix the juice of one lemon in it still. Apply this mask on your hair and scalp and stimulate the follicles with your finger tips to urge best results.

4. Castor Oil Hair Repair Mask

If you have extremely broken and boring hair otherwise you ar littered with hair loss, this mask will work wonders. To prepare mix some physic, honey and one egg yolk in a very bowl, whisk well and apply on the hair covering the tips still because the roots. Cover the head with a cap and leave the mask for half-hour. For added edges, wrap your hair with a hot towel.

5. Coconut Milk and Avocado Hair Pack

Coconut milk is a wonderful supply of macromolecule and may give large strength to the hair. To prepare this protein-rich mask, mash an avocado and combine five tablespoons of coconut milk. Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil and apply the mixture of scalp and hair for half-hour. Wash off with a gentle shampoo to urge beautiful robust hair.

6. Egg and Almond Oil Mask

Almond oil contains potassium, magnesium and nourishment E in well endowed amounts that makes it good for reducing hair fall, promoting repair and boosting hair health. Combining it with the goodness of protein contained in egg makes it Associate in Nursing outstanding mask for broken and dry hair. To prepare, mix two eggs with a tablespoon of almond oil and apply everywhere your hair, especially on the tips. Allow it to work for half-hour and so remove to urge robust and exquisite hair.

9 Quick And Easy First Date Makeup Tips

Every woman desires to look her best on her initial date. From choosing the excellent outfit to deciding the correct makeup and hairstyle, most probably you're feeling afraid. When you square measure wheelwork up for initial day makeup, you must represent yourself accurately. Be yourself; focus on emphasizing your best options, so that you'll be able to look your best on the massive day and build it special. It is important to contemplate time, place and occasion before doing your makeup. If you have been invited for lunch, wearing serious makeup like red lipstick or Smokey eyes can be overstating. It is best to seem sober and female on your first date. These quick and straightforward makeup tips and tricks can assist you to seem elegant and polished.

First Date Makeup Preparation

To look natural, flawless and place your best face forward, you need to try to to some preparation. For good makeup, you need to embellish up your skin. The additional attentive you square measure to caring for your skin; the more assured you may look on your initial date. Wash your face daily with facial cleanser containing salicylic acid that helps to shrink the pores. Maintain good skin care regime like scrub (to clean off dirt, dead skin cells, makeup to clean your face), moisturizing, wearing sunblock lotion and staying hydrous at least 1week before your date. Use concealer under the foundation to attenuate look of pores, dark circles, blemishes and wrinkles and allow your makeup to mix equally.

Here Are The nine fast And straightforward initial Date Makeup Tips :

1. Apply Foundations

Choose a liquid foundation that matches your skin tone. Expertly applied foundation is the key for achieving a natural wanting face. Apply evenly on the face and neck, blending well with a brush, sponge or your fingers to even out the skin tone.

2. Apply Powder

Using a soft brush, apply light bit of clear powder underneath your jaw lines, over the cheek bones, under the eyes across your forehead and chin and on the T zone if your skin is oily. This will facilitate to avoid greasy look and keep your skin sleek. Check your makeup under totally different lightings. If your skin is appearing very little pale, apply bronzing powder.

3. Eye Shadow

Apply light coloured neutral eye shadow to your lids. Light brown could be a nice and neutral shade to do.

4. Liner

To emphasize your eyes, apply any dark color rich brown or black war paint to the inner aspect of your lower rim or apply war paint mistreatment brown or black pencil to simply enhance your natural look. This will add dimension to the eyes.

5. Curl your Lashes

Use eyelash mechanical device to curl your lashes. For curl to stay longer, you can slightly heat up your mechanical device employing a hand blower.

6. Mascara

Use non-clumping Mascara. To keep your look natural, chocolate brown will be an honest selection instead of black. With softer effect, brown color will be a additional applicable selection for each day time date.

7. Brows

Your eyebrows should be well plastered. A properly shaped brow is a basic demand for framing your face. Use a brow pencil of appropriate color and a brow brush to fill the gaps and outline the arch.

8. Lips

Lips are one of most vital feature of your face; thus, your lips should look fabulous. Apply softening balm to keep it smooth and healthy. Wear a softer shade of lipstick or gloss which can facilitate to boost your natural lip color like soft pink, mauve or champagne color. You can conjointly wear tinted gloss over any matte lipstick. Never select a red lipstick, it will be quite domineering for the primary date. Your makeup should be soft and female for the primary date.

9. Select A recent Scent

You definitely need to smell sensible on your initial date. But you ne'er apprehend what kind of scent your date finds enticing. So, select a delicate, fresh scent that is appealing to everybody.

5 Fashionable Outfit Ideas to Summer Months

During the warmer months, natural clothing is the way to go. Natural clothing is the latest mantra in the fashion world because it is natural and wearable. Also, you can easily get so many different varieties of like cotton, linen or viscose or even rayon. Not only do they give you a cool quotient and help you stay put during the warm weather, it is also very fashionable.

Here Are 5 Fashionable Outfit Ideas For Summer Months

1. Full Sleeve Cotton Shirt

A full sleeve cotton shirt is one of the most versatile and flexible pieces that you can have in your summer wardrobe. And it is essential that you own at least one. It can be something like a button down blouse or even a regular shirt that can be rolled up on the sleeves to give you a cool look. It goes with skirts, jackets, jeans, trousers and almost anything. Plus it works from day to night.

2. Dress Shirt

A good cotton dress shirt is more like a tunic that comes with a belt. It can be worn with either leggings or even just as a dress. Pick a dress shirt that comes with a belt to accentuate your curves. If you want to cover up a bit then just add a pair of leggings.

3. Cotton Trousers/ Capris/ Shorts

You can either own all three pieces in your wardrobe or at least have two from here. These are just right for the warm summer months. For a casual look stick to capris or shorts and if you are going formal, pick from straight or slim fit trousers that offer a more classy look.

4. Cotton Maxi Dresses

For those living in very humid areas, a good cotton-based maxi dress is a must own. Being natural it helps in absorbing sweet and yet makes you look glamorous and sexy. You can pick from a maxi dress style that is either halter neck, spaghetti style or even something that is strapless.

5. Flowy Cotton Skirts

Go for a neutral colored natural material based skirt in print, which is either flowy or frilly. It is the perfect way to flaunt your cool and fashionable quotient and can be paired with anything light on the top. You can also create a clash of prints here.

Funky and Fashionable Birthday Gifts

As a big fan of american vintage style tees, I found some cool gifts that are perfect for those occasions where you can get away with wearing your birth year but in a funky must have style.  If you’re looking for presents for those big birthdays, there are some on trend examples to choose from.  Take a look at the variety below, which can be paired with denim for a super cute look.

I’m always struggling to find the perfect present especially when it comes to those big birthday’s, you know the ones – 21st, 30th, 40th etc.  Also I’m a bit of a stickler for getting people gifts, that 1. they appreciate and 2. that is something a little different from the norm, saying that gifts that make you laugh or that hold memories are also a great choice.

For me I love a tee with boyfriend jeans and there are so many ways you could wear this funky gift.  I’ve given some inspiration on how you could style this gift with a few flat lays and these tees look great with all kinds of denim.  I’ve matched it with my fav jeans and a cute skirt for a casual spring/summer look.

The beauty of these gifts are that they are unisex so whether you’re looking for your sis, best mate or your dad, they are in a range of sizes to accommodate how you’d like to wear it.  Even if you haven’t got an occasion to buy for, treating yourself to one of these fab tees is an affordable and funky addition to your wardrobe and a favourite for any season. 


wearing: h&m wide-brimmed felt hat, forever 21 chiffon shirt, cotton on grey pleather pants, black pointed toe heels, celine black trapeze bag, black moustache ring

It's that time again when spring rain takes over the city, and I just feel like never getting out of bed ever. But no fear, something is to be gained from this grey situation. Being a monochrome lover, I composed my outfit to match Hong Kong's dreariness as well as the wonderfully grungy backdrop of Sheung Wan. I feel like this is something I could wear whenever and wherever - it's just so very me.
xo emmy