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Whew! It's been hot and muggish to say the least for the past few days, so I was very thankful to A Boy Named Sue for the abundance of chilled sangria during their spring launch last night. We were treated to a preview of this season's pieces whilst enjoying cool drinks and delish treats (see chocolate donuts above) at Common Ground in Sheung Wan. A Boy Named Sue is an online store based in Hong Kong dedicated to sourcing sustainable and cultural fashion by dux from across the globe. One of my favorite pieces, the THU THU biker jacket with colorful cross-stitch embroidery, is constructed from ethnic blankets made by women in Sapa, Vietnam. Another, the Hien Lee white perforated skirt, is actually made out of Alcantara vegan suede, a eco friendly alternative to leather.  The quality, modernity and level of detail of these pieces is pretty amazing. Just look at the embroidery on the Filip + Inna piece (2nd from last photo), completely hand-sewn with beading too. Another standout line was Partimi, featuring silk tees and dresses with digital prints of patterns and nature. I've been really impressed by the progression of eco fashion in the past years. It's definitely come a long way from the homespun worn by hippies in the 60's. I guess it's time to go eco chic!

If you're an eco person, check out A Boy Named Sue's spring collection on their website here.

xo emmy

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